for everything these days.
I don’t.

I used to.

Oh yes, I used to be one of those who believed that everything had a reason. Everyone a purpose. But, now I’m not so sure.

Now I wonder if Thomas Merton wasn’t onto something when he said that you can never understand life. You can only experience it.

And how better to experience life than through stories about life. Which is where I come in.



Who loves sharing stories.

We need the practical in our lives. The temporal. Both, literally, help the trains run on time. But we also need the creative. The eternal.

For those are what remind us that the trains never really take us anywhere. That time is relative.

As a boy, I was all about the creative, the eternal. As an adult, I became concerned about those damned trains.

Then a raven and a dead great-grandmother showed up and suggested that, perhaps, at the age of forty, it was time to try to balance both.

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“Instructions for living a life:

Pay attention. Be astonished.

Tell about it.”

— Mary Oliver


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